The Twilight Zone

Ok, let’s pause for a moment and look a little deeper at this groundswell of insanity. So we have a few people who are good at piecing together narratives that gullible people find compelling, much like a ‘medium’ can convince a willing audience that they’re communicating with the dead. But what motivates someone to take something so demonstrably false and repeat it as fact? What makes someone willing to believe something so incredibly heinous and beyond the pale in the first place? These aren’t garden variety deceptions, like 3-card Monte, ‘all-natural’ cleaners, or Amway, where nobody really gets hurt. These are something much deeper and more sinister. What these people are saying – directly – by their willingness to promote and believe this stuff is that President Obama is evil incarnate, he’s a bigger monster than even Rush and Sean told us! The conspiracy theories all assert that the president – himself a father – is so lacking a conscience that he would order (and let’s not even think about the type of people who would follow such an order!) his minions to brutally murder 20 first graders and their teachers, all so he could issue a few executive orders and then come to TAKE AWAY OUR GUNZ!!! This is beyond sick and depraved. There are so many people so filled with an irrational fear and hatred of the president that they’ve lost all sense of reality. We have truly crossed in to the twilight zone.

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