Some interesting 2nd Amendment history

I’m really tired of the argument that the 2nd Amendment is somehow sacred and inviolable, and one of the particularly annoying interpretations of history I’ve seen repeatedly from gun nuts is that “well regulated” somehow means, “practiced”, not “controlled”. The fact is the 2nd Amendment was sop to Virginia and other slave states to allow their so-called slave patrols to remain armed and outside the jurisdiction of the new federal government. THat’s right, the origin of the 2nd Amendment was to secure the ratification of the Constitution by the slave states and was the right to “bear arms” by individual outside a standing FEDERAL militia was nowhere in the original draft.

The Constitution is a rightly praised document, but it was not carved in stone tablets and was endowed by its creators with a mechanism for amendment, which they chose to invoke before the thing was even ratified by all the states. It has been 27 times, once in as few as 3 months (26th – 18yo vote) and once 203 years after an amendment was introduced (27th – Congressional raises). We all know that slavery itself was enshrined in the original document, as was limiting the vote to white men, and a bunch of other stuff we’ve seen fit to change those 27 times. I say we return the original text of the Constitution, pre Bill of Rights, on the subject of guns. You can read the history and some background at these links:

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