Hillary Clinton 69, Rand Paul 10

Listening to coverage of Secretary of State Clinton’s Benghazi testimony to the Fox News talking point parrots in congress yesterday, I was struck how small our supposed national leaders have become. Rand Paul (R-Mars), john McCain (R-Sun City) and Ron Johnson (R-kindergarten) proved once again why congres is held in such high esteeem. Rand Paul suggesting, in between novel conspiracy theories, he would have fired Clinton is like a summer league basketball coach saying he would fire Michael Jordan for not passing the ball enough.

I expect Hillary Clinton to run for  and win the presidency, and I very much hope Paul runs against her. If he does,  she will pulverize him into outer space. Speaker John Boehner, reverting to form after a week or so acting like an adult, said today that President Obama wants to “annihilate the Republican party.” That’s rich coming from a guy who along with his buddy Mitch McConnell promised to to do everything in their power including sabotaging the U.S. economy to insure Obama was a one term president. Boehner is half right — it is the Republican Party that is in the process of annihilating itself, with a distemper that is far outside the mainstream of American life, as Paul demonstrated at the Benghazi hearing.

Last I heard, Clinton’s favorability rating was 69 percent, and the favorability rating of the Republicans in Congress is somewhere in the vicinity of 10 percent, on a good day.

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