You must read this!

If you read nothing else I’ve posted about guns, please read the article linked below:

“Reading the comments on Sandy Hook — the ones that openly advocate sacrificing the lives of our children for unfettered “freedom” of adults, the ones that suggest that all those teachers should have been armed to the teeth, that the Westboro Baptist Church is praising “God’s judgment,” — even my own mother’s stance that crazy people are just going to do crazy shit and that this has nothing to do with guns — as if it’s just that simple.

Well. There is a time warp, a black hole that blooms in my soul.

For every outraged indigence about “trampling” on the second amendment, with every word and breath, I am that young woman again, sitting in her truck in a parking lot, alone except for a 911 operator.

And I am screaming. And screaming. And screaming. ”


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